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5 Ways to Add Texture to Your Huntsville Apartment

5 Ways to Add Texture to Your Huntsville Apartment

5 Ways to Add Texture to Your Huntsville Apartment

When you stand and look at your bedroom, then its design may seem a little flat. You may have chosen picture-perfect colors for the space and have chosen the right pieces of furniture and accessories, yet there is something missing. The answer to what is missing is texture.

What is Texture and Why Does it Matter?

Texture is the perceived sense of touch. A rough table with lots of character marks, a pot containing tall ornamental grass and a shaggy carpet all give a bedroom texture because you can imagine what they feel like even if you cannot currently feel them. Texture gives objects and a room the needed ump to draw attention to itself. Additionally, putting items with different textures near each other provides balance. Texture is especially important if you have chosen colors for your bedroom that are very close together.

How Can I Add Texture to a Bedroom?

There are many ways to add texture to a bedroom. Here are some methods that you might want to consider:

  • Plants

    Using plants is a great way to add texture inexpensively to a bedroom. Consider options that have lots of textured leaves and those that wave gently in a breeze. You may also want to consider options that have old leaves on them or a combination of plants in a pot with lots of different textures going on.

  • Textured blanket

    There are many inexpensive textured blankets available that look like they are just begging to be felt. Those containing highly contrasting colors or that have lots of neutrals in them are often a great option.

  • Headboards

    You can find a variety of different textures available in headboards that will add texture to a room including Diamond-tufted details, those covered in fabrics begging to be touched or options that have artistic details built into them.

  • Fiber art

    Hanging a piece of fiber art on your wall may be the perfect way to add texture to your bedroom. Do not be afraid to think outside the box like hanging a beautiful shag rug above your headboard.

  • Oversize baskets

    Adding large baskets in surprising places in your bedroom can be a great way to add texture. Look for those incorporating unusual weaves or surprising elements for an award-winning effect.

  • Draperies

    Hanging draperies with unusual textural elements is a great option because the natural light often magnifies the draperies’ uncommon textures.

  • Use wall coverings

    If you want to add lots of one type of texture, consider hanging fabric from the wall. On the other hand, you may want to consider putting up textured wallpaper or a different type of wallcovering that can easily be removed.

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