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Using Color Psychology at Your Apartment

Using Color Psychology at Your Apartment

Using Color Psychology at Your Apartment

If you have just signed the lease to one of the wonderful apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL., like those available at The Moderne at Providence, then you may be anxious to head out the door to get some new apartment décor. Before you do, sit down for just a minute and consider how different colors affect your psyche. Then, choose the colors that will help you and your family thrive in your new apartment.


Red often elicits very strong emotions such as excitement, love, and power. Red, however, can be overpowering making people who are exposed to too much of it angry. Therefore, it is important to choose the right balance. Contemporary designs often use a bold pop of red for accent while more modern designs often stick to reds that have a brown or burgundy undertone. If you want to create a country or rustic vibe, then consider reds that have chalky undertones.


Many people love blue because it helps them feel calm and serene. Research shows that people are more productive in a room filled with blue. Using lots of deep blues, however, can make one feel powerful and emotionally unbalanced. Choosing blues with a green undertone can help create calm and serenity while choosing those with more violet undertones can create more powerful emotions. Most designers recommend that you pick your blue color first, as it can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your apartment color scheme.


Many people see green as a calming color that they connect with nature. Research shows that students who study in a room filled with green have better reading abilities. Surrounding yourself with green can be a great way to lower stress levels and may help the body heal faster. Using minty greens is a great way to give a room a more feminine air. Apple green, especially when paired with red, gives a very fresh appearance. Using bolder greens, like Kelly green, are a great way to bring energy to a room.


Yellow is a very tricky color to use. When done correctly, it is a great color to add warmth to an apartment, but when it is overused, it often leads to visual fatigue. Research studies show that people cry more when rooms are filled with yellow. This color is best reserved to give surprising accents o a room. Painting your bedframe yellow can give you the energy that you need to get going in the morning. You may also find that using yellow lights is a great way to add warmth to a room.

Regardless of what colors you decide are right for you, consider finding apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL with a neutral color scheme. Then you can add those accent colors that you love the most. A great place to start looking for apartments for rent in Huntsville is at TThe Moderne at Providence.

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