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Use Textiles to Decorate Your Apartment While Eliminating Summer Blahs

Use Textiles to Decorate Your Apartment While Eliminating Summer Blahs

Use Textiles to Decorate Your Apartment While Eliminating Summer Blahs

If you have the case of the summer blahs and think that the temperatures are never going to cool down again, then it may be time to get creative in your Huntsville, Alabama, apartment. Adding fun splashes of color using textiles is a fun way to bring the brilliant summer colors inside without breaking the bank. Surrounding yourself with colorful splashes of color is almost guaranteed to raise your spirits. You may discover that you like the look of them so much that you want to leave them up all year long.

Living Room

There are many ways that you can add bold colors to your living room. You can lay a colorful serape on your couch or use a Mexican blanket to wrap throw pillows and tie them in knots in the front. You can also easily make no-sew envelope pillows from your favorite summertime napkins. Use a fun print to cover an old lampshade.

Dining Area

There are many fun ways to dress up your dining area to make it feel more like summer. You can cut brightly colored summer fabric to make placemats. Before you put the next casserole on the table for dinner, grab a piece of cloth and line a wooden serving tray. Use a coordinating piece as a table runner. Use decoupage to give your unique twist to a serving bowl or platter from the dollar store. You can also wrap a pretty summer blanket around your dining chairs and tie it with a bow to get your dining chairs ready for summertime, or you can use a beautiful piece of fabric to create your seat cushions.


Let everyone know that you are celebrating summer as soon as they enter your home by using summer-themed textile arts in your entryway. It is easy to create a summertime bowl to hold your keys and the little items that you are always losing. Grab some embroidery hoops and frame a brightly colored scarf to hang on your wall. You also have the option of mounting your favorite fabric to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Braid some long strips of cloth together and wrap them around the pots of your favorite houseplants. Drop cloths are the perfect painting canvas to create your work of art that you can hang from a wall or use as a rug.

While you will want to incorporate some of these ideas into your apartment, it is essential to do it correctly. First, locate the perfect apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL, like The Moderne at Providence. Then, about 70 % of the colors in your apartment should be one color family, which is usually neutral. Another 20 % should be a coordinating color. Finally, use these fun summertime fabrics to add the finishing touches to your apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL.

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