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Top Low-maintenance Houseplants to Put at Home

Top Low-maintenance Houseplants to Put at Home

Top Low-maintenance Houseplants to Put at Home

If you want to add some greenery to your apartment, your intentions are definitely right. Plants and flowers have a nice appeal that they bring to your home and they also help to purify the air in your apartment, making it fresher and cleaner. You might be worried about which plant is right for your apartment, especially if you are terrible with maintaining plans. There are many plants that are able to stay alive with little water and sunlight even in the darkest apartments for rent in Huntsville AL.

1. Peace Lily

There are many varieties of this plant with some growing quite large. You can buy a smaller type if your apartment is small. The peace lily has many white flowers that are beautiful and easily recognizable. You don’t need to put them in direct sunlight or water them every week. As long as they have some water, they will help you to filter the air in your apartment.

2. Jade plants

Succulents are quite low-maintenance and even when they are not watered enough, they just maintain some level of dormancy. Jade plants hardly die and whenever you are back from the long trip you have taken, all you need to do is to water them and they will get right back to full activity and health.

3. Philodendron

Most homes for rent in Huntsville AL have dark corners where plants could suffer. The best part of philodendrons is that you only need to water them once a week and you don’t need plenty of sunlight to keep them alive either. If your apartment is dark and you typically forget to water your plants often enough, philodendrons are perfect for you to have in your apartment.

4. Spider plant

The only thing you need for spider plants to survive is sunlight. All you need to do is to just place them right by a well-lit window. Watering them once a week is fine for them to grow at an optimal rate. Also, spider plants typically have offshoots that can be harvested and replanted to increase your plant collection.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo plants are amazing because they are resilient and grow in many different sizes. There are small ones that are desktop size. Others are tall and can decorate your living rooms. Bamboo plants require little attention care, needing just shade and water to thrive. In fact, the more sunlight a bamboo plant gets, the quicker they grow. Caring a bamboo plant will have it tall enough to stay on your patio.

6. Snake plant

Snake plants also do not need daily maintenance. You could travel for several weeks and still come back to meet your snake plant in good condition. Snake plants can survive in dark apartments and don’t need to be watered.

These plants are perfect for your home for rent in Huntsville AL. Speak to us today about a viewing.

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