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Rocking the Shabby Chic Look in Your Huntsville, Alabama Apartment

Rocking the Shabby Chic Look in Your Huntsville, Alabama Apartment

Rocking the Shabby Chic Look in Your Huntsville, Alabama Apartment

Over the last 40 years, Shabby Chic has been one of the hottest design trends for those living in apartments in Huntsville, AL. The style followed the Art Deco period while borrowing heavily from the refined beauty of that period while adding distressed elements. If you want to create an award-winning Shabby Chic look in your apartment, then you need to keep six tips in mind.  

Choose a Soft Color Palette

Unlike the Industrial style that uses lots of gold and copper, the Shabby Chic style features a soft color palette. Think about eggshell whites and other choices that are a shade or two away from stark white. Then, accent with pretty pastel colors. If you are worried about light colors showing too much dirt, then opt for earth tones instead.  

Embrace Delicate Fabrics

You may want to talk to your grandmother or head to the nearest thrift store to find delicate fabrics that have a vintage appeal to them. Handmade quilts on the bed are a popular Shabby Chic style option. You may also want to hang one on your wall instead of a piece of artwork. Lace or chiffon curtains are a common choice. You may also want to find plaids that remind you of the French countryside or fabrics covered in delicate roses.  

Pick Wood and Iron Items

While you are at the thrift store, watch for vintage wood or iron items. If they are a little distressed, it helps this style even more and may save you money. You can choose wooden nightstands and a wrought-iron bed frame for your bedroom or opt to use an old barn door as your headboard. In your living room, think about using furniture that has wooden legs and other elements while hanging wrought iron items on your walls or from your ceiling.  

Pick Well-loved Items

While you are choosing accessories for your apartment in Huntsville, AL, try to find well-loved elements. The scratches, tarnish, and chipped paint shows that someone loved to use this piece before you found it. Be careful, however, to choose elements that show that people have adored while leaving those that are repulsively dirty at the store.  

Focus on Different Eras

You are creating a Shabby Chic appearance and not a museum showroom. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate things from different eras. The great news is that it gives you a lot more flexibility while shopping, and you do not even have to learn your different furniture styles.  

Before you start creating your own Shabby Chic masterpiece, you need a great place to call home. Contact The Moderne at Providence to set up a tour. You will fall in love with these spacious apartments in Huntsville, AL.


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