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Questions to Help You Find A Good Roommate

Questions to Help You Find A Good Roommate

Questions to Help You Find A Good Roommate

Finding a roommate to share your home for rent in Huntsville AL can be tough. However, when you are interviewing potential candidates, there are some questions that will help you to gain good insight to their character and help you to make an informed decision.

Do you have references?

This is both for your safety and in case of an emergency. References give you an idea of the kind of person you are dealing with. Also, if there is a medical or any kind of emergency, you can contact these references to let them know what is going on.

What is your financial situation?

It is important to know how your potential roommate plans to pay for the rent and other expenses in the apartment. Most apartments for rent in Huntsville AL are easy to maintain but you also need to be prepared in case there are financial needs. If you are unable to split costs with your roommate, this may be a problem.

What do you feel about overnight guests?

If your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, doesn’t have an extra room, you might not want to stay with someone with lots of friends who are prone to spending the nights with you. It could be quite annoying if you are always waking up to people in the living room or extra bodies in the bed. Think about how this makes you feel and factor it in.

What are your allergies?

If you love dogs and a potential roommate is allergic to dogs, you need to consider how cohabiting would affect you both. This is also helpful information that you should use to determine how much precautions you would need to make for them to stay healthy. If the allergies are Benadryl-level allergies, then fine. For more severe allergies that could be life-threatening, that is another level of responsibility to consider if you want to take on.

Do you smoke?

A smoking roommate may not be the best for you if you are intolerant of smokers and dislike the smell. This could also be a segue into a conversation about alcohol, drugs and other similar substances to find out what your potential roommate’s interests are. You can then decide what your limits are whether for personal or moral reasons.

How often do you clean?

Sharing a home for rent in Huntsville AL with someone else means you both would be responsible for making sure everything is in good condition. Your potential roommate will have to indicate how they feel about cleaning the apartment and also contributing to cleaning duties.

When looking for your roommate, it pays to take it slow and spend as much time as necessary that you give yourself and opportunity to choose the best person for you. Living in an apartment for rent in Huntsville AL can be a great experience with a nice roommate.

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