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Labor Day Decorations You Can Easily Make From Tin Cans

Labor Day Decorations You Can Easily Make From Tin Cans

Labor Day Decorations You Can Easily Make From Tin Cans

Since 1894, friends and family have been joining together to celebrate Labor Day, which always falls on the first Monday of September. The holiday celebrates the ingenuity and economic benefits of American workers. It is the perfect time to gather together and host a party. Making decorations for your party is extremely easy, and you may already have many of the supplies on hand.  

USA Candle Holders

Instead of throwing tin cans in the trash, use them to create USA candle holders. Start with three tin cans of the same size. Paint red, white, and blue stripes on the can. Then, use a nail and a hammer to pound holes in the side of the can. Pound the letter U in one, the letter S in the second, and the letter A in the third. Add a tea candle, and you have created USA candle holders.


You can also easily make a windsock from a tin can to celebrate Labor Day. Start by painting the can blue. Then, paint on some white stars. Cut some red fabric strips and add them to the inside top of the can. Cut a piece of yarn or twine to make your handle. Punch two holes in the bottom of the can and attach the string. Hang your windsock where the wind will blow the red streamers.  

Silverware Holders

You will need one tin can for each person attending your Labor Day party. You can either paint the can or cover them in contact paper. Cover the inside and outside of the can. Then, add white stars on top of the paint or contact paper. You can even add people’s names if you want your holders to double as placeholders. Now, cut some blue fabric to serve as a napkin and put in the can while letting the top peek out like you would tissue paper in a gift basket. Finally, add the silverware in the middle.  

Tin Can Flower Centerpiece

You can easily make a tin can flower centerpiece for your Labor Day holiday party. You will need three sizes of tin cans, such as a large coffee can, a vegetable can and a small tuna can. Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of the middle of each of the smaller cans. Paint the cans or cover them with contact paper. Then, use some putty to fasten a dowel rod to the middle of the bottom can. Thread the other two cans into place. You can hold them in place with hot glue. Finally, fill the big can with blue artificial flowers, the middle one with red and the top one with white. Add flower picks to finish out your centerpiece.  

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