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4 Kitchen Tools You Must Have for Your First Kitchen

4 Kitchen Tools You Must Have for Your First Kitchen

4 Kitchen Tools You Must Have for Your First Kitchen

If you are setting up your first apartment, then you may feel overwhelmed by what you need to buy for your kitchen. As you wander through the home appliance aisle at the big box store, you will find many different options. In fact, some people become so frustrated that they resolve to eat out for the rest of their lives. Yet, that can be very expensive. Instead, start with these four items.

Good Knife Set

You will need at least four types of knives in your kitchen. Get an eight-inch chef’s knife for cutting and dicing, a slicer knife to cut meat, a smaller utility knife for cutting smaller fruits and vegetables and a paring knife for peeling and coring. If your budget will allow, choose forged knives as they will stand up longer than stamped knives. Finally, find knives that feel great in your hand as they are balanced properly.

Measuring Cups

Almost any recipe that you want to cook in your apartment in Huntsville AL will have its instructions written with measurements requiring you to use measuring cups and spoons. If you want the recipe to turn out correctly, it is essential that your measurements be accurate. Therefore, you need measuring cups and spoons. Opt for stainless steel measuring cups for dry ingredients and a two-cup one with plainly marked measurements on its sides for wet ingredients. Choose ones with short handles that you can easily grip as they will be easier for you to handle while you are preparing delicious meals at the apartments in Huntsville AL.

Measuring Spoons

Like measuring cups, you will need measuring spoons to prepare your favorite meals. There are several reasons that you will want to choose metal measuring spoons. Plastic spoons melt when you get them too close to your burner, so choose stainless steel. Look for options that have their amounts engraved into the handle as printed-on options will wear off over time. Make sure to find a choice where you can take the spoons off and on the ring, as they are easier to use and wash.


You may be tempted to buy a cooking pan set, but you need to remember that many sets include accessories that are not high quality when they list the number of pieces included in the set. You should choose a saucepan holding at least 2.5 quarts. You will find that you use smaller options very little, and there is almost nothing you can make in a smaller option that you cannot make it in a bigger one. You also need a skillet. While many options come with an eight-inch and a 10-inch choice, you will use the 10-inch choice more, so if you are choosing only one, then make that your choice. You also need a stockpot for the one-pot meals you will soon be cooking.

Concentrating on these items allows you to get what you need in the beginning. Then, over time, you can add to it with other things that you like.

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