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Kitchen Hacks to Keep Food Smells From Overtaking Your Huntsville Apartment

Kitchen Hacks to Keep Food Smells From Overtaking Your Huntsville Apartment

Kitchen Hacks to Keep Food Smells From Overtaking Your Huntsville Apartment

Nothing smells better than a homecooked meal, but many meals leave a lingering odor in your apartment. While you can take steps to stop the odor or make it less noticeable after cooking, the smart cook takes measures to prevent the smell from occurring in the first place.  

Charcoal-splatter Filter Screen

You may already be using a filter screen to keep messes from going everywhere when you cook, but using a charcoal-filter screen also helps to control the odor coming from your delicious creation. This product relies on activated charcoal to stop cooking odors.  

Vinegar and Water

If you are looking for a low-cost solution, put a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water in a small pan. Then, let it boil while you are cooking foods with odors. Turn on your vent hood, and the odors will rise with the vinegar’s exhaust leaving your kitchen smelling fresh.  

Potpourri Simmer Pot

You may already use potpourri to kill odors in other parts of your home. You can also use it right in the kitchen to stop food odors from making you want to leave home. The best potpourri to use to cut to cut through food odors is a citrus-based one, and it is easy to make from ingredients you may already have on hand. While you can make it in a saucepan, using a slow cooker ensures that you do not forget about it when it is time to eat. Combine two quartered lemons, three sprigs of rosemary and a dash of vanilla.  


While you will not want to eat them, slicing potatoes and putting them in a bowl with a tiny bit of water is a great way to prevent food smells. Just put the peeled potatoes near the stove before you start cooking and sprinkle some salt on top. The potatoes will naturally absorb airborne odors.  

Coffee Grounds

Do not be too quick to throw away this morning’s coffee grounds if you plan on cooking food with an odor later in the day. Instead, place the grounds on the counter, and they will absorb the scent of the food you are cooking. If the odor seems to be coming from your hands, then rub them in the coffee grounds to absorb the odor.  

Create Ventilation

Creating ventilation helps to stop kitchen smells from lingering in your home. On pretty days, you can open the windows and turn on the exhaust vent. You may also want to use a fan to pull in fresh air from the outside. If your bathroom is near your kitchen, then turn on the exhaust fan there.  

Being proactive helps to prevent food odors from building up in your apartment, which will encourage you to cook more meals at home. To do that, you need to find the perfect kitchen in apartments for rent in Huntsville, Alabama. When looking for apartments for rent in Huntsville, Alabama, make sure to look at The Moderne at Providence.


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