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How to Grow an Herb Garden

How to Grow an Herb Garden

How to Grow an Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden in your apartment is a great way to ensure that you have fresh herbs whenever you are ready to prepare that special meal. It is easy to grow parsley, sage, and rosemary for fantastic Italian cuisine. You can also grow cilantro, oregano, and thyme for delicious Mexican cuisine. On the other hand, if you love Mediterranean cuisine, then you might want to consider growing basil, sage and parsley. Regardless of which herbs you choose, you need to prepare to take care of them properly or they will get spindly and have very little flavor.

Choose the Right Location

The first step in becoming a successful herb gardener is to choose a sunny location. When possible, choose a location that is near a window letting in light at least six hours a day. Windows on the south or southeast corner of the building are usually best. If you do not have one, then you may need to get a plant light. Think about LED options as they give off half the heat and require very little electricity. Ones with automatic timers are nice if you think you might forget to turn on and off the light.

Provide Water

Your herbs need the right amount of water, so make sure that you plant them in pots that have good drainage in the bottom. If the roots sit in water, then they will rot, and your herb will die. Your herb will not grow properly without enough water. Consider planting them in plastic pots if you live in a dry climate or in the winter when you may use the furnace. While you may use clay or terra cotta pots, your herbs will dry out faster requiring more frequent care.

Control the Temperature

While herbs love light, it is important to think about the amount of heat that they are getting. In the Huntsville, Alabama, area, putting them too near a window can cook them in the summer. Herbs generally like temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees, which is where most humans are most comfortable too. If you see your herbs starting to fade, then they may be getting too hot or too cold.


Harvesting fresh herbs for your cooking is incredibly easy. Harvest them on a regular basis when the plant is dry for the best flavor. Pinch off the herb right before it flowers because once the plant flowers, it starts using its energy to produce the flower and becomes less tasty. For herbs where you want the seed, harvest them when the seed has dried but has not yet turned brown.

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