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Family-friendly Dog Breeds for Apartments

Family-friendly Dog Breeds for Apartments

Family-friendly Dog Breeds for Apartments

If you are thinking of finally giving in to letting your child get a dog, then it is crucial to choose the right one. Some breeds do better with children than others. At the same time, you must teach your child how to treat the dog properly. Since you choose to live in an apartment, it is best to get a dog with a low-activity level as they do not require as much exercise. Sticking to dogs that are under 30 pounds is usually recommended for apartment dwellers. Since you have neighbors nearby, you may want to consider a dog that does not bark or barks infrequently. Here are some breeds you may want to consider.  


Originally from Africa, the Basenji dog does not bark. They do, however, make a noise that is similar to a yodel. These dogs love to stay clean, and they will groom themselves like a cat. Standing about 17 inches tall at the shoulder, they are big enough that your child cannot hurt them easily. Once running, their long graceful strides may remind you of a racehorse. This dog is an excellent choice for first-time owners because they are easily trainable. You need to be prepared to be drooled on constantly. This short-haired dog requires only an occasional bath.  

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier looks like he is always wearing a tuxedo. This dog that weighs up to 25 pounds when mature, stands about 17 inches tall at the shoulder. Most Boston terriers are extremely friendly, but they are easily trainable. About the only time this dog barks is when it thinks something is going to harm a loved one. You are likely to fall in love with his bright round eyes. Watch your children because sneaking food to the dog under the table easily packs weight onto this breed.  

French Bulldog

This breed’s large ears are made for hearing the sounds of your family playing, so you can expect him to want to be a part of everything. The French bulldog stands about 13 inches at the shoulders, but his compact frame makes him weigh up to 28 pounds. The French bulldog can be a little hard-headed, so it may be best for dog owners who have owned a dog before. Alternatively, socialize your dog when it is young by taking it to puppy classes.  


If you adopt a pug as a part of your family, you will quickly learn to read its expressions as it has many. Pugs are an excellent dog for families, but they also make a good dog for retirees who love to have their grandchildren over. You need to watch this breed to make sure that it does not get too hot.

Before you choose the perfect dog to join your family in an apartment, make sure that you have the ideal place to live. Check out the apartments for rent in Huntsville, Alabama, at The Moderne at Providence. These apartments for rent in Huntsville, Alabama, are the perfect place for your family to call home.  


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