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6 Cool Bathroom Storage Tips

6 Cool Bathroom Storage Tips

6 Cool Bathroom Storage Tips

Your bathroom is where you clean up and it is usually one of the cleanest rooms in your house. Keeping your bathroom tidy means ensuring that there is no clutter on your countertop, towels lying around, or appliances misplaced. It is always nice to have a well-organized bathroom with everything is in place and the important things are available within arm’s length.

Here are some easy ideas to help you keep your bathroom organized:

1. Towel baskets

If your linen closet is full, a nice way you can add more space to your bathroom is to use baskets to store your towels. Get cute baskets from the craft store and then roll up your towels and then stick them into the baskets till it’s filled up. They look nice and have great utility also. Retrieving a towel is easy too and less messy. You can also have another empty basket for dirty towels.

2. Shoe organizer for long makeup tools and accessories

You can hang a regular shoe organizer on the bathroom door and use the pockets to keep long makeup items like brushes, lip sticks, eye liners and other sticks. Most shoe organizers are quite waterproof and strong, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off or your items getting damaged. As long as the shoe organizer is well-fastened to the bathroom door, all your items will be safe and kept in a nice, organized way.

3. Cabinet doors can hold organizers

The back of cabinet doors can hold organizers. You can find small baskets and organizers that can hold flat irons, blow dryers and other small appliances. You can find these on Amazon, eBay or other home care websites.

4. Secret shelves

You can make better use of the space that holds your full-length mirror by converting it to a wall capable of holding bathroom supplies. There are many mirrors that hide a shelf behind them and these can hold a bunch of things from brushes to towels, bath supplies, detergents and other things that need a new home.

5. Cookie jars can hold lipsticks and small items

You can take a transparent cookie jar from the kitchen and use it to hold all your bits and bobs. Bobby pins, hair clips, lip gloss, lipsticks and other small items that you need every other day can fit inside and be ready to use and store once done. This is a nice way to re-use containers you are no longer using. You can also use mason jars to keep makeup sponges and other small items in the bathroom.

6. Re-invented spice racks

Those slim spice racks that find use in the kitchen can also be installed in narrow spaces in the bathroom and used to hold lotion bottles, perfumes, makeup bottles, tooth pastes, toothbrushes and anything else you need to have close by.

You can make the most out of any space with a lot of nice tips and tricks. These are guaranteed to help you enjoy your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL even more. If you are looking for a home for rent in Huntsville AL, The Moderne at Providence is a great place to call home.

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