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Award-winning Ways to Decorate with Succulents

Award-winning Ways to Decorate with Succulents

Award-winning Ways to Decorate with Succulents

If you do not have the time to properly take care of a plant so everyone that you end up getting dies, then succulents are the perfect answer for you. They help purify the air, so you can get rid of the nasty smell that supper left behind. Science has also shown that they help reduce the number of minor illnesses, like colds and touches of flu, that you get. Meanwhile, psychologists believe that living near a succulent helps you be in a better mood. Since they require very little care, most apartment dwellers living in apartments in Huntsville, AL, can easily grow them.

Succulent Centerpiece

You can quickly build a succulent centerpiece that will look perfect on your dining table. Take a bowl and fill it with various types of succulents, a little sand, and some soil. Since the bowl will not have any drainage, be very careful to only water when necessary.

Succulent Bookends

If you have some books that you would like to display on a shelf, then use your creativity to create succulent bookends. In order to make the bookends, you will need two cylinder vases for each bookend that you want to create. One needs to be bigger than the other one. Place the smaller one inside the larger one and fill the void between the two with rocks. Plant your succulents in the smaller vase. Then, add more stones to hide the inside vase.

Succulent Hanger

You can easily turn a wooden tray into a succulent hanging planter. Start by drilling a few holes in the bottom of the tray to allow for drainage. Then, run a piece of fishing line or twine through holes on each of the corners. Plant your succulents. Finally, join the pieces of line or twine at the top to a metal ring, and hang your planter where you can enjoy it.

Painted Can Planters

Instead of throwing your tin cans away when you finish cooking, you can turn them into succulent planters. Remove the label and carefully wash the can. Then, paint it in your favorite color. Plant your succulent and place it where you can enjoy it. These also make great gifts to give to a coworker or your child’s teacher.

Vintage Teacup Collection

It is easy to grow succulents in vintage teacups, and they make a fantastic way to show off your collection. Put some gravel in the bottom of the cup and add some soil. Repot your succulent into the teacup and place it where you desire.

Here is a tip that you can use to grow succulents successfully. Since many of these ideas make drainage difficult and succulents hate to be overwatered, mix some activated charcoal in with the potting soil as it will absorb any extra water. Our final tip is to move to The Moderne at Providence because the natural light flowing into these apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL, help them to thrive.

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