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4 Apartment Styles to Consider for Your Huntsville Apartment

4 Apartment Styles to Consider for Your Huntsville Apartment

4 Apartment Styles to Consider for Your Huntsville Apartment

One of the first decisions that you need to make if you are living on your own for the first time is the decorating style that you find most attractive. Then, when you are shopping bargain stores, thrift stores and garage sales along with taking other people’s castoffs, you will understand what fits your style and what you need to leave behind. Here are four apartment styles that you will want to consider.


Contemporary décor uses clean rounded lines, and this style uses light airy designs. In order to create this look after finding the perfect apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL., like those at The Moderne at Providence, focus on pieces that have neutral colors. Then, either create a wall of an eye-catching color using art or add a color-popping area rug. Maple and birch are popular woods, but many other contemporary pieces are made of steel, nickel or chrome. Pieces have no ornamentation. Focus on finding pillows, throws and other textile-accent pieces made with natural fibers.


The cottage style takes its inspiration from seaside cottages, and you may feel like you are recreating your grandmother’s house. This style features colors found naturally in plants like light apricot and dusty pinks with spots of brighter colors like sunshine yellow. Hunt down iron and wicker furniture at thrift stores and garage sales to furnish your apartment. While you do not want the rust to show, this style embraces some signs of age.


If you love bold colors, then the Mediterranean style may be perfect for you. While colors seen in the sea and sky are the most common, many incorporate beautiful shades of lavenders, terra cotta and yellow. Look for furniture that is short with stocky legs that are ornately designed., Look for removable tile flooring and use removable wallpaper to create walls featuring tiled looks. If that is a little big for your budget right now, then consider a large mirror with a tile frame around it.


Muted natural colors are found in country décor, but you can update the look by using brick reds, blacks and pure white to create a contrast. One of the reasons that this style is so popular is that you can often find castoffs from older relatives that fit perfectly in this style. Use handmade and woven items in your home décor. Calicos, checked and striped fabrics are particularly popular in linens and throw pillows.

Regardless of the style that you choose, you will find that it looks awesome in our apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL. We are anxious to talk to you at The Moderne at Providence to see how we can get you into one of our apartment homes. Give us a call today at 256-690-5669 or come see us at 30 Gates Mill Street Northwest.

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