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Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

You are eager to move into your new apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL at The Moderne at Province and of course you will be leaving your old apartment. Don’t leave just yet; did you forget the security deposit you made when you took the old apartment? It’s very much easy to forget about since you made the deposit a long time ago but you shouldn’t. We are here to remind you not to forget it so you can at least use it to pay the security deposit on your new apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

To get back your security deposit should be easy because your security deposit is not affected by normal wear on an apartment. It is only substantial or deliberate wears and damages that are covered by your security deposit. For instance, if you broke some windows, burned the carpet or drilled too many holes in the wall, your security deposit may be forfeited but if none of those happened, you very well can get your security deposit back.

Here are a few tips you can follow to get your security deposit back:

1. Fix the little damages in the apartment

You probably have hammered some nails into the wall and the holes are there making the wall look ugly. This alone could cause issues when you want to try and get your security deposit. Rather than leave things to fate or chance, why don’t you cover those holes, paint them back and fix every other little damage you have caused in the apartment. Before doing any major repairs however, you should inform your landlord. Your landlord might have a way he wants to fix the repairs and telling him might as well help give the impression that you are a responsible tenant which will make it easier to get that security deposit back.

2. Leave the apartment “very” clean

Apart from sweeping the whole apartment with a broom, try as much as possible to move out of the apartment without leaving any traces that you were ever there. Get rid of stubborn dirt, ink, fingerprint from the floors and walls. Use vacuum cleaners where necessary, scrub where necessary and make sure everything is left sparkling clean.

3. Hire movers to help move your things

Don’t go all tough trying to carry the heavy stuff out of your apartment. Hire a moving company. Why? Movers have insurance in case they damage anything in the apartment. You don’t. if you damage anything in your apartment while trying to clear out, your security deposit will be used to pay for the damages.

4. Ask your landlord

Let your landlord know that you will be expecting your security deposit once you move out. If he however is reluctant, there has to see a significant damage in the apartment that is equivalent to the amount of the security deposit. When you move into your new apartment, make sure you take note of the state in which you met the apartment so you can have something to refer to when you move out. This will prevent any future arguments that may arise about your security deposit.

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