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3 smart ways to hide wires and chords in your apartment

3 smart ways to hide wires and chords in your apartment

3 smart ways to hide wires and chords in your apartment

It’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones, laptops and gadgets. So intricate are these devices to the life of the modern-day person that it is almost safe to say that we couldn’t do without them. One thing we all live without however is the eyesore and clutter that is usually caused by chords and wires for our devices.

Have you been tripping over wires or do you simply dislike how untidy they make your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL look? Here are 4 smart ways to keep the wires invisible while they do their jobs.

1. Use your drawer to create a charging station

One of the surest and neatest ways to keep your phone charger and cords from constituting a mess and eyesore is to put them somewhere inconspicuous. One of the ways to get started with this is to make use of your drawer. First, empty any of the drawer that you desire to use, then drill a single hole for the cord to pass through. This method is one of the easiest ways to have an out-of-sight charge hub and can be done without basic knowledge of the tools.

Affix a USB Power strip to the back of the drawer using a Velcro fix and plug the power strip into a wall socket. This immediately helps to send power to the connection.

Ensure that the power cord being used is lengthy enough so the drawer can open completely.

2. Hide your TV cords in a trim

If you are buying the latest state-of-the-art televisions that cost thousands of dollars, you’ll most likely be used to the clutter-free innovation that allows most new TVs keep connections neat and tidy. For the regular TV or an older set, you will want to have an expert help you with a nice trim that clads these wires and runs finely across the wall. To ensure that you don’t also have to deal with distant connections that may cause you to trip or fall over, ensure that the electronics are all plugged to a wall socket or extension box within their proximity, preferably, behind the setting.

3. Try Faux book storage boxes

If you’ve got a plethora of wireless devices, you definitely have a router somewhere. Routers are efficient for connectivity, but they can still do so much work without creating an eyesore of connections.

One creative way you can conceal your Router is to use a faux book storage box. Start by cutting a small hole in the back of the book storage box and then hide your Router in it. Place this book storage box on a freestanding shelf and use a Velcro to secure the cord at the back of the vertical side of the bookshelf down to the power outlet. If you do not have a shelf, feel free to place the setup at a neat corner of the room where the reception works best for your connections and devices.

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