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Things to Look out for in a Tenancy Agreement

Things to Look out for in a Tenancy Agreement

Things to Look out for in a Tenancy Agreement

One important document not to joke with as a tenant is the tenancy agreement. It is basically a document that gives the law guiding your residency at your new place. It reveals the do’s and don’ts of your apartment, the duration of your tenancy as well as what the landlord expects from you.

The tenancy agreement is a binding contract between you and the property owner. It reveals the legal terms and conditions of your tenancy. It also specifies the type of tenancy: whether fixed term or periodic.

Since this is a very sensitive document, we hope to bring some things to watch out for on the tenancy agreement to your notice.

1. Special Clauses

Before signing any tenancy agreement, it is important to understand all that is stated inside it. This will help prevent any form of dispute later. Thus, before considering an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL you have to know what the rules and obligations are.

Hence, it is recommended that you know what your landlord thinks of pet or smoking in the home. When it comes to cleaning the surroundings, what is expected of you? What is your landlord’s preferred method of payment? All these questions should be covered in a detailed tenancy agreement.

Due to the risk involved in smoking or owning a pet, most tenants might not allow it on their property. However, people are different as some might really not care for pet or smoking as others. While some property owners could allow a pet, they could charge higher to take care of cleaning cost. It is recommended that you check the tenancy agreement for this info and clauses before signing it.

2. Repairs and Decorating

Also, it should be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement who will be responsible for minor repairs around the house. There are cases where the property owner prefers to allow their tenants to take care of minor issues and DIYs task. There are cases where the landlord could take it upon themselves as well. Yet in some cases as well, the property owner could arrange for a property management company to fix the repairs.

When searching homes for rent in Huntsville, AL, you should know if you can decorate at will or not. In some cases you might need permission to decorate, paint, hang up anything, add furniture or even have a garden maintenance.

3. Bills and Rent Payments

All the bills you will have to care for will reflect on your tenancy agreement. There are times the bill could be part of the rent while others it might not. This depends on the property owner. However, you are sure to be liable for utility bills like water, electricity, gas, internet charges etc.

It is also important that the price of the rent, as well as when it will due be explicitly stated in the tenancy agreement. Other information relating to the rent payment includes the start and end date of the tenancy period and also if the tenancy can be ended earlier than agreed.

Getting into a new home can be really exciting. The excitement can make some people forget to review the tenancy agreement for the necessary details. However, not doing so could cost one dearly.

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