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Simple Ways to Add Security to Your Apartment

Simple Ways to Add Security to Your Apartment

Simple Ways to Add Security to Your Apartment

It is critical to feeling safe in your home. However, to be secured, you have to take conscious steps to put some things in place. In view of this, we have some points that can help gear up the security of your apartment:

1. Do a Background Check

Before moving to a new apartment, do some digging before signing a lease. Asides, there is no way you will feel safe in an apartment if the environment is not safe. Ways to do this include visiting the apartment in the day and night. Research the crime rate and history in the vicinity. Discuss with your landlord to inform you of the level of security around.

2. Include Locks

Adding extra locks to your front door is a proven way to improve your security. Even if you have combinations of lock already, add more. Chances are you already have a locking doorknob and a deadbolt. Include swing lock and a portable lock to upgrade the existing lock of your home for rent in Huntsville AL. You can also upgrade the old lock to a smart lock which you can control from your smartphone.

3. Have a Security System in Place

Many people do not see the need for a security system. However, they are essential for the safety of the home and belongings. Although most landlords might frown at a wired security system, there are couples of wireless options you can try out. These options are abundant in the market and can be uninstalled on moving out of the apartment.

4. Have a Renter’s Insurance

With rental’s insurance, you protect your finances. And besides, rental’s insurance doesn’t cover all types of losses. However, most policies will cover at least loss of properties as a result of theft. There is renter’s insurance with the capacity to protect some losses you incur outside your apartment e.g. losing your motorbike or your wristwatch on a vacation.

5. Avoid Writing Your Apartment Number on Your Key

While this step is small, it could make a big difference as regards your safety. This way, if you lose your key, you are assured that no one could trace the key to your exact location. However, the story is different entirely should you have your apartment number on your key.

With this habit, burglars will find it pretty easy to locate and steal your belonging should you lose a key. If you feel the need to write your apartment number down, your Smartphone is a good storage option.

6. Secure All Sliding Doors

While sliding doors are installed to improve aesthetics, they provide an easy ticket for burglars to access your property. Even when locked, they are easy to break. Thus, we recommend having a bar on the track of the sliding door. This will serve as a barrier to prevent the door from opening outside. There is also the option of getting an extra lock that goes on top of the door. This extra security layer will keep kids in and burglars out as well.

You can take a conscious step to improve the security of your apartment. The tips above have been tested and proven to improve your security system. You can check out the apartments for rent in Huntsville, Al to explore first-class apartments with a proven security system at the Moderne at Providence. Give us a call today for a free tour of our beautiful apartment.

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