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Cluttered Apartment Bathroom? How to keep it organized

Cluttered Apartment Bathroom? How to keep it organized

Cluttered Apartment Bathroom? How to keep it organized

The bathroom is an integral part of a home, so also is it the room that gets easily cluttered the most. From shampoo, makeup, body lotion, conditioner, hair care tools to skincare products, it is easy to have all these things take up space and make everywhere disorganized. But there are steps you can take.

Invest in bathroom Organizers

In most cases, a cluttered bathroom is one that does not have a storage space to store the things in the bathroom. There are a lot of storage solutions that you can buy where you will arrange the things you use in your bathroom. Find a place to keep your towel, cleaning and grooming products. Once you do this, you will notice a difference in the organization of your bathroom. You can start gradually by getting a box where you can keep the smaller things and go from there to a more specially-designed bathroom storage solutions.

Keep your counter space well-arranged always

In the absence of storage space, you will find yourself dumping most of your things on the countertop. While you could clear off the countertop, it is not exactly the best thing to do when you have other options to explore. It's either you get a separate storage space or find some small baskets or jars to keep related things together. The items you would keep on the countertop should be as little as possible. Keep some of the bigger items in a cabinet or closet if you have one. But the ultimate solution is to get bathroom storage and keep your things in it.

What about the space under your sink?

The sink is one part of the bathroom that many people never think of as a good place to store things. Although some people may believe under the sink is only useful for keeping the plunger and old toothbrushes, but some other things that you use in the bathroom can be stored there.

The cabinet under the sink is useful for storing those things that you seldom use such as cleaning supplies and first aid supplies. If you are bothered about the pipe leaking, get it fixed or store the items in sealed plastic bags.

Prioritize your needs

If you have done all these and you still have a cluttered bathroom, maybe it is time to take stock of your bathroom inventory and evaluate their level of importance. You will find one or two things to get rid of to keep your bathroom neat.

Identify the things that you need, the ones you use daily, the ones you haven't used in a long time but will probably need sometime soon and those things that you do not need at all. Anything that you can live without using can be disposed of so you can have enough space in your bathroom.

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