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Keeping your fridge clean: Helpful tips

Keeping your fridge clean: Helpful tips

Keeping your fridge clean: Helpful tips

Keeping your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL clean includes keeping your fridge clean. Apart from your entrance and toilet doors, the next most opened door in your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL is your fridge’s door. So, imagine you open your fridge and a strong odor oozes out of the fridge. You can only ignore it for a short while before you would decide to get rid of the odor. Should you decide to get rid of the odor, the most recommended method is to clean the whole of your fridge thoroughly. How do you do that? We, at The Moderne at Providence expect you to take up residence in one of our apartmentfor rent in Huntsville, AL and we do not want tenants with dirty fridges. So, here are some of the tips we have for you.

1. Empty the fridge

Once you find the stench unbearable, make a conscious effort to open your fridge and leave it open as you take out everything in it. Leave nothing inside; take them all out, get rid of the ones you do not need anymore, clean the good ones and then put them back. Before you put the clean items back however, you must . . .

2. Clean the fridge shelves

Remove the drawers and shelves of your fridge and clean them. Use warm soapy water to wipe them of any dirt. Be careful with the glass shelves so they do not break. Take the cleaning up a notch by using an old toothbrush to clean the corners of the fridge.

3. Clean the insides of your fridge thoroughly

If you are not big on using chemicals to clean your fridge which is a repository for storing food items, you can go the natural way. Use vinegar and paper towels to wipe off stains and dirt. The less obvious part of the fridge, the rubber that is used to line the door tends to gather dust and most of us don’t pay attention to it. Clean off the dust and keep it clean.

4. Clean the body of the fridge

Cleaning the insides of your fridge is not enough but going all the way by cleaning the exteriors of the fridge. Get a piece of cloth or paper towel and dip in an appropriate cleanser to clean the body of the fridge. You don’t want your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL look dirty because of a dirty fridge. A dirty fridge has a way of standing out.

Once you have carried out all of the above steps, you can put back all the things that you took out earlier and even you will be glad you cleaned out the fridge. If you have a giant fridge and you are looking for an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL that you can out your fridge in, why not get in touch with The Moderne at Province today on 256 469 7077 today?

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