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How to make the ideal meditation space in your apartment

How to make the ideal meditation space in your apartment

How to make the ideal meditation space in your apartment

If you are one of the many people who constantly seeks a way to straighten out their thoughts and coordinate their ideas, then meditation is definitely for you.

One of the things you need for a proper session of meditation is serenity and space. Whether you have a spare room in your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL or you’re looking to carve out a small space for this purpose, here are 5 tips to help you make your own meditation space in your home.

1. Serenity comes first

It is probably the worst-kept secret that the best places to meditate are always quiet and calm. To get started, you will need to find and choose a serene location. Walk around your house and study the areas you shortlist for some minutes. Your meditation does not necessarily have to be in somewhere visible to everyone. If your kitchen appliances make too much noise, consider somewhere else, if you have neighbors that blast loud music, work on the timing. Be sure to do away with the electronics and pick out a location where you can easily find peace in your apartment for rent.

2. Add a shade of nature

One of the reasons why most people prefer to meditate outdoor is the amount of nature that they immediately interact with. Even when you decide to meditate in your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, you can still avail yourself of the more relaxing and truly inspirational part of nature. If you have a great view of the sunrise or sunset, or you have a window overlooking a garden, this might be your spot. If you do not have any of these, try placing a few points, adding a landscape portrait or scenic painting to incorporate nature into your meditation.

3. Add some accessories

If you have a small table nearby, you can add some accessories to increase comfort and personalize your meditation area. You may light some candles or add some throw pillows for comfort. You will want to have clear audio speakers that play some meditation audio if applicable.

4. Lighting matters

Depending on what time of the day you decide to meditate, having the right shade and color of light helps to compliment and add to the serenity of the environment. To complete the serene view, have your walls painted to a muted earth tone if your landlord allows this. Use colors like Seafoam Green or Honeysuckle Beige. If your landlord doesn’t approve of this, you can get a calm nature-inspired wallpaper for your meditation space. Also, use sheer curtains that make a sun reflection into the room if you meditate in the day and try using a dimmable lamp for evening sessions.

5. Breathe

Now that you have put everything in place and made yourself a meditation area worthy of a Meditation Master, the next and logical step is to take deep breaths, relax and begin your meditation sessions.

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