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How to keep your home smelling fresh always

How to keep your home smelling fresh always

How to keep your home smelling fresh always

You’d agree that there’s always something quite comforting about being in your own space. One of the many aesthetics that keep your space lovable is definitely how you take care of your home. It goes without saying that the atmosphere of your own is a potent accessory that will keep you loving your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

When you spend as much time as you do in your apartment anywhere, you’ll realize that the way and manner your home smells and feels play a bigger role in comfort than the décor in your apartment. So, what are the causes of the bad odours and what are those must-know tips that keep your home fresh? Read on and find the secret to keeping your space smelling fresh always!

A. Discover what’s causing the odours

The first step to having your home smelling and feeling fresh always is to diagnose the problem like a doctor would do a patient. First, investigate the causes of the odours and the likely places they are originating from. If you have spent so much time in your apartment, you may hardly notice these odours but calling a friend over will help you quickly discover the issue as they are not used to staying in your place. Generally, laundry, dishes, smoke fumes, mustiness, wet rugs, pets, poor air circulation, old finishes, leakages and toilets are usually the major culprits.

B. Solve the Issue

Now that you have discovered the cause of the unpleasant smell in your space, the next thing is to take realistic steps to controlling the odour right away and proffer feasible solutions to prevent its re-occurrence. Depending on the cause(s), here are some tips on how to keep your home smelling fresh always:

  1. i. Musty odours

    Most of the musty odours will typically come from an aging home. In some cases, it could be the furniture. Whatever reason it may be, you will want to consider changing your carpet, repainting the walls or respraying the furniture. These smells can be hard to get rid of because it’s primarily due to aging.

  2. ii. Pets

    Pets may constitute some odour when they have wet floor, urinate or defecate in the wrong places. Try using a steam-cleaning service for your carpets or rugs regularly and train your pets on some habits that allow them ease themselves in designated spots. Use a baby powder and sprinkle some lemon drops to wipe the carpets.

  3. iii. Spills

    If you have a rug, it can get quite smelly if you have water spilled in it from time to time. Try dining in areas where there aren’t any rugs and vacuum your rugs occasionally

  4. iv. Poor circulation, fumes and smokes

    If you have a poor ventilation, you will experience regular stuffiness. Thankfully, you can beat this by opening up your windows regularly to allow fresh air circulate. If you have an Air conditioner unit in your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, try to change your air filters. You may also consider putting air-fresheners that are compatible with your A.C vents and other scented inserts. If you smoke from time to time, consider doing it outdoors as smoke usually settles into the home and can last for long.

    For cooking purposes, consider expanding your vents or carving another window in the kitchen to allow fumes and smoke escape more easily.

  5. v. Daily regimen

    A number of things we do daily often causes some unpleasant smell. If you have the habit of waiting before you take out the trash, you will want to do it faster now. Tidy and organize your laundry on time and wash dirty clothes as at when due. Wet food also constitutes choking and unpleasant odours, ensure that you double the garbage bags and dispose as soon as possible.

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