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Housewarming Party Tips

Housewarming Party Tips

Housewarming Party Tips

After securing an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL, the next thing to do is move in and throw a housewarming party. Although, it is not a hard and fast rule but you have to figure out ways to get to know your neighbors more. It would be great to get all of your neighbors in the same place alongside your friends and family so everybody gets to know one another and have fun while at it. We, at The Moderne at Providence will be sharing a few important tips and can as well help you secure an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

1. Plan your party ahead of time

Even if you wait until you secure an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL before planning your party, you need to have it in mind that your guests have enough time to prepare for your party. A minimum of two weeks before the date of the party is good enough and you should also make sure your party day falls on when people will not be busy. You can choose a Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon.

2. Don’t allow the party drag on for too long

On the invite you will be sending out to your guests, be sure to state the time the party will start and when it will end. A housewarming party should not last more than three hours. You want to make sure all of your guests are at the party at the same time and avoid people strolling in and out of the party the way they like.

3. Make a list and send out your invites

You don’t want to leave out anybody, especially your new neighbors. You also do not want to invite more people than you can accommodate in your house. Know the number you want and make a list that fits that number.

4. Pick the right food for the occasion.

It’s a housewarming party, not a wedding. You don’t have to serve your guests expensive or elaborate food. Simple food and drinks are ideal so you should plan your party food in that line.

5. Keep in mind, the weather

Before the date of your party, check the weather forecast to see what the weather will be like on the day of the party. Put things in place in case the weather is unfavorable. For instance, if it would rain, you can put mats at the entrance or ask your guests to take off their shoes. You can also provide socks for your guests in case they are not comfortable with taking off their shoes.

Moving into a new home is exciting and if you decide to throw a housewarming party, simplicity is key. You have to keep things simple and fun at the same time. Don’t go overboard and you will be just fine. For the best apartments for rent in Huntsville, AL, The Moderne at Providence is just there for you. Get in touch today by calling or sending an email.

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