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Copper, Ceramic or Non-Stick A guide to picking the perfect kitchenware

Copper, Ceramic or Non-Stick

A guide to picking the perfect kitchenware

Copper, Ceramic or Non-Stick

We know about all the hours you spend on Food networks and social media indulging your eyes in an array of delicacy. But food is not the only appetite you picked up, we also know about your appetite for modern kitchenware. So, what types of pots and pans serve best? What type should you get for what meals and now that you have moved into a new apartment in Huntsville AL, what should you consider worthy to add to your arsenal of cookware? Read on below as we help you put these cookware materials into perspective to know what’s best for you.

To stick or Non-to-Stick

Depending on what you do with your pans, you may consider getting a Non-stick pan for a number of reasons. First, with a Non-stick pan with durable coating, you get to experience easy dealings as your food are released without stress for both cooking and cleaning purposes. When you prepare delicate foods like eggs, and other fried foods, you do not need to worry about adding extra oil or butter. This not only saves you time when cleaning, but means that the Non-stick option is great for people who are health conscious.

The disadvantage with the Non-stick pans yet lies in the fact that it is not so great for browning foods. Also, not all Non-stick pans can be used with metal utensils as they run the risk of damaging the inner coating.


Copper is that shiny piece of food maker that looks great handing from your kitchenware. For pots made from the copper, the deal is even cooking and optimal temperature control that accompanies it. Copper is even making a comeback in the kitchen and is great for frying, simmering, frying and sautéing. The downside to Copper is however in two folds. First, if unlined, slow-cooked cream or tomato sauces may experience a bitter taste. Second, Copper cookware cannot be washed in a dishwasher, neither can it be used on induction tops in your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

Or Ceramic?

If you find an offer for a pure ceramic cookware, feel free to jump on it considering the many advantages and versatility for this cookware. Pure Ceramic Kitchenware have high tolerance for temperature, which means it can be placed in the microwave for a quick re-heat or used as the primary pot for cooking on your stove. When dealing with these, you do not have to worry about the chances of food sticking to your pots neither should you be bothered about scratches and markings from metal and common kitchen utensils.

As expected, these Ceramics also have their drawbacks. For one, they are heavy and can crack when they are dropped. A ceramic cookware can even damage a glass or tiled flooring if not careful. They are cumbersome and as such they are not exactly first option for flipping omelets without the use of spatula. Ceramics also deny you the ability to sauté your foods seamlessly with the flick of wrist as seen in other cooking options.

On a final note, feel free to buy what suits your need, any or all of the above options. The best cookware depends on individual preferences, practicality and suitability for your kitchen setup.

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