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4 effective ways to handle a noisy neighbor

4 effective ways to handle a noisy neighbor

4 effective ways to handle a noisy neighbor

After a long day at work, a couple of disagreements with some friends or a tedious night of babysitting, one thing we can all live without is noise. But with neighbors and roommates come all sort of characters that we have to deal with, and as much as no one wants to go knocking at their neighbor’s door to tell them your cats can’t sleep, you will, sooner or later, have to deal with the problem.

Got a lousy neighbor next door or right opposite your room? Today’s blog discusses 4 ways to handle a noisy neighbor. Let’s get right into it.

1. Respect is reciprocal – Lead by example

Just before you man up and walk up to your neighbor to discuss their noisy habits, examine your own lifestyle and see if you are not culpable for the same offence. Are you constantly arguing with your roommates? Does your alarm clock wake up everyone but you? Do you constantly listen to Metallica in the middle of the night? If the answers to some or all of these questions is yes, you just might have to work on yourself before heading to your next-door occupant. Don’t be surprised that they are only turning up their radio because you’re always yelling at your kids.

2. Talk about it respectfully

Rather than entering a battle of the vocals through the wall, the respectable and matured thing to do is to walk up to your neighbor and explain your plight and how their habits are making it very difficult to co-habituate. Try ringing their door bells for a face-to-face conversation and rather than just yell about their noisy patterns, try to explain why their noise is a problem. If the need arises, take them into your own apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL to let them get the idea. Explain that your baby only sleeps when its silent or how your conference call recipients always complain about the overwhelming background noise when you are over the phone.

3. Slip a note under their doors

Nothing does the job like some face-to-face conversation. But there may be instances where the situation may just be too embarrassing to talk about or perhaps you are simply not much of a vocal person. Slip a note under their door explaining in brief, clear and inoffensive terms how the noise is a menace and how much you’d appreciate them tuning it down.

4. Contact the office

If you stay in an apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, chances are the whole building has some sort of caretaker or maintenance office. If all efforts of an amicable resolution seem to have failed, the next step would be to pen a letter to the management of the building explaining your neighbors noise and the effort to which you have gone to discuss the issue.

The management or caretakers will simply handle it from there and will most likely resolve the issue. In fact, 9 out of 10 times this works, just ensure that you’ve made an informal approach to resolve the issue before making an official report.

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