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5 Tested Ways To Handle A Rude Neighbor

5 Tested Ways To Handle A Rude Neighbor

5 Tested Ways To Handle A Rude Neighbor

Neighbors could be a blessing and the other way around. Although no one wishes for bad neighbors, it is totally out of your control. Hence, if you share walls with insensitive neighbors who don’t see anything bad in blaring music as late at 1 AM or leaving trash in the stairs, there are ways you could handle them. We have these five tips to help you deal with an inconsiderate neighbor and have a good time in your new apartment.

1. Get to Know Your Neighbor

People find it easier to be rude to whom they don’t know. On the other hand, no sane person will misbehave to someone who has shown genuine interest and care in their life. Armed with this knowledge, endeavor to get to know your neighbors. Go out of your way to introduce yourself and take a genuine interest in their life. You could also take a bold step of inviting them over for dinner. Once you take the interest to get to know them, it might surprise you how the nonchalant attitude will disappear and you might even become best of friends.

2. Pick a productive time to talk

On dealing with a rude neighbor, you have got to endeavor to pick a good time to talk. You should pick a time you are calm and in a good mood. This is essential so that you do not explore and allow the matter to spiral out of control. Avoid confronting your neighbor when in rage. Allow your anger to subside and make sure your neighbor is in a good mood as well.

In discussing with your neighbor, the last thing you want is the matter to get out of hand. This might ruin any chance of developing a good relationship between you.

3. Be Understanding

You need to be understanding in dealing with challenges relating to a bad neighbor. Outright accusation and series of complaints are not so much of a good idea. Attempting to settle the matter amicably like two mature adult is a good idea.

Thus, we advise that you try and see things from their perspective. Liaise and make suggestions to make the situation better, rather than confrontation that might not make things better.

4. Remind them of Policies and Bylaws

The reasons bylaws and policies are for situations like this. These are rules meant to guard tenant and should be obeyed, not questioned nor broken. Thus, it is a good idea to remind neighbors of these bylaws when approaching them and bringing their nuisance to their face. Most people might not be aware of these laws.

Thus, bringing their awareness to these laws will make them aware that they should be followed.

5. Contact your property manager

This should be a last resort when all option to settle with your neighbor amicably runs out. Asides, if trying to get your neighbor to behave turns into a hostile situation, it is a good idea to involve your property manager or landlord. There are times that a higher power is what your neighbor requires to reason with you and come to their senses.

In dealing with a rude neighbor, attempt any or all of these six recommended ideas. You are sure to get on top of the situation.

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