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5 measurements you need to take before renting an apartment

5 measurements you need to take before renting an apartment

5 measurements you need to take before renting an apartment

Left! Left!! Left!!!, no, no, a little to the right. Sigh! That couch isn’t going to fit in, is it? It sucks when you’re that guy hold the oversized couch stuck in the doorway of the new apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

Moving from one apartment to another is usually a daunting process. From mislabelled cartons to wrong handlings, the whole transition can easily become frustrating. Even when you think it cannot get any worse, you discover your California King-sized mattresses and your favourite movie won’t go in the door frame.

Needless to say, that all these problems are avoidable. Here are 5 measurements you need to take before renting an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL.

1. Measure the Interior rooms

Start by measuring the length, breadth and height of each of the rooms and hall in your potential apartment. Keep out an eye for any fixed or cumbersome obstacle that may limit the mobility and movement of your furniture into the vacant space. For example, you would do to note the light fixtures, banisters, ceiling fans and other in-built features.

Make smart comparisons of the room sizes and entrance dimensions to the furniture. A smart way to get accurate insight to the positioning and accessibility is to use an app like Rooms. Rooms allows users try out a variety of furniture arrangements even before moving in. If it looks like you might have some problems with dimensions, you will do well to sell somethings and get smaller replacement before moving. If you have sets that can be dismantled, be sure to have your furniture around to put them back together when you move in.

2. Secondary doors and main entryway

Asides measuring the height and width of the apartment’s main doorway, you will need to take diagonal measurements too. The diagonal measurement is arguably the most important dimensions as they give a good idea on how objects can fit in when tilted diagonally. If you are moving into an apartment for rent with a French door or sliding door that opens to a patio, you will need to measure the opening as you did with the front doors. If your apartment also has a larger opening that accommodates the entry of bigger furniture, ensure to measure from the ground upwards to determine if you have enough uninterrupted space to get the furniture high enough.

3. Exterior Hallways

One thing you would want to take into consideration is the height and width of the exterior hallways that leads into the apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL. You should also measure the dimensions of the connecting doorways.

4. Exterior stairways

Measure the height and width of the stairways by taking your readings from the first and last steps. The height, width and length of any landings in the stairway is also imperative to ensure a hassle-free movement.

5. Elevators

If your apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL has a service elevator that is available for use, measure the width, height and diagonal dimensions as you have done with the other doors. Service elevators usually have larger doors and volume and may be a great way to move bulk furniture faster to top floors.

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