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5 Creative ways to make the most out of a small bedroom

5 Creative ways to make the most out of a small bedroom

5 Creative ways to make the most out of a small bedroom

No one wants a small bedroom. I mean, what’s the point if you can’t effortlessly take in two California Kings? As much as it’s not what anyone would want, it just might be your only option.

A tiny bedroom doesn’t have to be a deal breaker especially of you consider all the other advantages of your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL. For instance, the scenery may be amazing and the location perfect for your work.

Whatever the case is, having a small bedroom challenges your creative mind to come to play. Here are a few hints on how to make the most of your small space and transform it into something that resembles a proper room in no time.

1. Store stuff behind and under the bed

When dealing with a small bedroom, the majority of the space is undoubtedly going to be occupied by your bed. While this monstrosity of firm, comfortable foam is essential to sleep and rest after a long day, there is much that can be done with the vast amount of empty space beneath it.

Use the space behind and around the bed for storage of items you use from time to time. If your bed happens to be some few inches off the ground, slide some items that you seldom use under it to ensure that you’ve made the most of the space.

2. Use a loft bed

Loft beds are excellent for small bedrooms and help those who want to fit a study space into a small room achieve their goals. Loft beds create the much-needed space beneath your bed by placing the mattress at considerable heights above the ground, more like a top bunk, leaving you with enough space beneath to serve as a lounge or study space.

3. The Vertical space is right there

When considering decorations and arrangements in our apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, we tend to overlook the large amount of vertical space that we can tap into and make a great arrangement off.

Use the wall to the fullest by attaching furniture, accessories, shelves and other light wall stands that help you utilize vertical space by hanging items.

4. Mirror on the wall

Mirrors reflect light. This unique attribute allows many reflections of the space and sends a perception of a bigger room. The mirror trick is not new and is one of the best ways to make a small space appear larger.

5. Use the right colours and brighten the space

Give your space a considerable amount of light by opting for sheer drapes rather than the heavier ones that can make the inside of your apartment look dark. If privacy is the issue, add some blackout drapes into the mix.

When painting your space, be sure to use bold colours and pattern that gives your visitors the perception that your space is actually bigger than it is as their eyes continue to dance around the many colours on the wall.

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