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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with A Travel Theme

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with A Travel Theme

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with A Travel Theme

Getting a new home for rent in Huntsville AL means that you have to think about fun ways to decorate and stamp your personality on your apartment. For a traveller or someone who loves to travel, there are many things that you can do to make the best of your home and show off your love for new adventures. Even if you have not started traveling yet but have a long list of places you would love to visit, your apartment can be a nice way to create some dreams and inspire your travels to your favorite places in the world. Here are some inspired travel-inspired home decoration tips that you would love:

Polaroid pictures from your past trips

You can create polaroid photos today without losing any picture quality. Get memories of your last trips and print out your favorite ones to have colorful, happy pictures that will give you positive vibes. You could post the pictures on your wall, fridge or even on the walls. If you print a lot or want to create a photo wall, you might consider buying a portable polaroid phot printer that you can use to print pictures directly from your mobile phones.

Time zone clocks

You either buy a large time zone inclusive clock to show your favorite cities in the world. Alternatively, you can buy several stylish clocks and label them with stylized stencils to show their locations. You can even use custom vinyl decals that show the time zones of the world and place the clocks there accordingly. This is only limited by your imagination and creativity and you can also find many ideas and materials online too that will help accentuate your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL.

Map Canvas

You can use a vintage map outline to add some originality to the décor of your home for rent in Huntsville AL. This is more striking than the modern outlines and you have many options and styles to pick from that will match your interior decoration themes and colors. You can then further decorate the map outline by sticking pictures in the places that you have been or marking out your dream destination spots.


You can use globes to decorate your home and add them as nightstands, desk center pieces or even functional globes that double as bar holders. You can get these from most stores or you can also contact craftsmen to help you create special globes. You can also find globes made out of different materials and even mechanized ones, all depending on your budget

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