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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Bad Roommates

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Bad Roommates

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Bad Roommates

If you have ever been in a roommate crisis before, you will agree that it’s one of the most unpleasant issues that can plague your accommodation and cohabitation. If you haven’t, it isn’t something you should be too eager to experience. Getting a roommate is a crucial role in enjoying your time in your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL. Some roommates do not understand the concept of privacy, some are nonchalant to bills and others are downright annoying.

Whatever the case may be, if you are looking into getting an apartment for rent in Huntsville AL, and you happen to be strongly considering getting a roommate, here are some of the things to do to avoid a bad cohabitation experience.

1. Background check

If you are going to spend a number of months with someone, it’s only logical to know a good amount of detail about them. You can either ask indirectly through conversations or use a social media platform to get a perspective of their personality. If someone is introducing both parties, you should take initiative and inquire about how well the potential roommate is known to them. If you have one or two mutual friends on social media platforms, it may be safe to ask about them before concluding.

2. Tell your side of the story

It takes two to tango. If you are looking at getting a roommate, chances are they are looking for one two. No matter how perfect you may want to think you are, you definitely have flaws. In order to get someone that can cope with you as much as you can cope with them, it is only worthy that you tell your own story and highlight some of your challenges and bad sides.

3. Set house rules

It is said that a place without rules and regulations is a sinless place. If you are going to have a roommate at your apartment in Huntsville AL, it is in the interest of both parties that you sent rules; discuss issues like bills, rent, visitors, sleepovers and many more topics. Also take the general house rules and how it affects your apartments. Noise and parties are common issues that cause loggerheads between roommates in apartments for rent in Huntsville AL.

4. Establish a trial period

A trial period is a short period of time where you and your potential roommate stay together to try to see if you can cohabitate successfully. During this period, be sure to study but not critique everything that your roommate does. If the person is going to be your roommate, you’ll find that you have significant comfort during the trial period which will most likely translate to fewer headaches in the long run

5. Talk about it

Sometimes sharing your previous experience if you have any can help your potential roommate adjust. A face to face conversation with direct questions often does the trick on most cases. You can even ask for their opinions on a number of issues to get an insight to their life philosophy and see how it may align with yours to ensure a wonderful relationship during your stay in your apartment for rent in Huntsville AL.

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