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10 ways to stay cool this summer

10 ways to stay cool this summer

10 ways to stay cool this summer

Summer is here and with it comes the heat. But staying cool in summer is not just a matter of comfort, but a matter of health. Without proper care, the accompanying temperature surge can cause many heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, sunburns, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Keeping cool at these high temperatures is thus essential for good health and Hydration. Here are a few ways to keep cool this summer.

1. Wear summer friendly clothes

The Last thing you want to be doing when the sun is at its peak is wearing tight clothes, designed with heat-absorbing materials. Try wearing loose-fitting clothing and heat reflecting colors that are bright. Stay off the black leather jackets and wear cotton clothing that will keep you cooler than most synthetics.

2. Keep a refrigerated spray bottle

Fill a spray bottle with some water and keep it refrigerated. Keep it handy when going out, and use it at intervals to spray your face while outside and as soon as you get back in.

3. Turn on the ACS..... and the fans

Fans can help you circulate air even better when the Air conditioning is on. This will also increase the efficiency and ensure that the air is well dispersed.

4. Refrigerate your lotions and body creams

Storing your lotions and cosmetics in a refrigerator will help bring down the temperatures. These can then be rubbed on hot and tired feet to provide a soothing effect and prevent blisters and sores afterwards

5. Use a sunscreen and wear a hat

Sunscreens can be quite beneficial in preventing sun burns in summer when the heat gets much. A hat also reduces the amount of heat that gets to your face. Wear a fancy one and a sunglass that matches your outfit to make your appearance even more befitting.

6. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Stimulants and alcoholic beverages can lead to a high demand for water and dehydration. There is also a higher tendency for substances like these to cause serious fluctuations in the blood sugar levels in periods when the body temperature and surrounding heat is heightened.

7. Drink water

This is the most obvious fact. Your body will demand for it, you will also feel very thirsty. In order to keep the body performing at required level, Hydration is needed to lubricate other wise dry body parts, blood pressure and internal organs. Water is the ideal fluid, but sport drinks and other sources of electrolytes are good alternatives.

8. Take baths or swim more

Spending more time in the pool or taking more baths in summer periods can help bring down body temperature and can also help relieve the effects of the warm weather. Water also enters the body through the skin and as such, bathing can help in keeping hydrated on the skin level.

9. Alter workout routines

If you exercise from time to time, the summer heat can prove a serious hurdle in maintaining your personal milestone. You can alter your workouts by reducing the frequency at which they are performed or simply reschedule them towards cooler periods in the morning before the sun comes up.

10. Ditch the duvet

It is only logical to leave the duvet out of the bedroom affairs during summer. Instead, lie under thin sheets that are light. A hack to sleep even better will be to place your sheets into a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator hours before sleep. This can help keep the temperature low through the night.

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