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10 Questions to Ask When Taking an Apartment Tour

10 Questions to Ask When Taking an Apartment Tour

10 Questions to Ask When Taking an Apartment Tour

Going for a tour of your potential apartment is one of the most crucial steps in determining its suitability for you and your lifestyle. Apartment tours are the perfect way to see how big your potential space is and visualize where every little detail will fit in with your plans, more importantly, it’s your chance to interview the agent and ask all those important questions that most people often forget.

Here are 10 questions to you should try to get answers for before taking up that new apartment space you’ve been eyeing:

1. How old is the building and when was the last renovations?

Building security extends beyond having great locks and a security guard. The structural integrity and maintenance should be one of the most important things that concerns every prospective tenant in an apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT and as such, you should inquire about the age of the house and when the last renovations tool place. Getting an idea on the renovations gives you an insight to how responsive the owners are to maintaining the property and how much they’d be willing to attend to issues that may arise as you inhabit the premises.

2. Are utilities (if any) covered by the rent?

Some apartments for rent in Bloomfield CT have some other utilities that are already covered in the rent. There may be instances where one might want a separate service that differs from the one being allotted to the house in general and you should know what utilities (water, refuse management, etc.) covered in your bills and if they are optional or compulsory.

3. Ask about any disturbing reviews that you’ve read on the internet

With the ever-growing technology and internet, information is now as accessible as can be. If you’ve read some disturbing comments about the apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT, be sure to ask during the tour and get clear answers.

4. What is the pet policy?

If you have a pet, you would want to know the limits and how far interactions go with regards to other tenants and neighbors. Some people may not be fans of certain animals and you’d want to prevent unfriendly incidents from arising.

5. What is the visitors and guest policy?

Does the house have any particular rules that designate periods where your guests can visit and when they must exit the premises, are the parking spaces accessible to visitors and guests and how late can you throw that slumber party you’ve been thinking about.

6. What hours are the house amenities available?

If your apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT has a number of amenities such as a pool, indoor game center, bar, or fitness center/gym, you may want to know when these amenities are open for use and the modalities for using the facilities.

7. Can the apartment be painted?

Some landlords do not allow painting of apartments and some who do, require the apartment to be restored to its original state on vacating the premises. It is not unusual to want to touch up the paint and make your new more apartment homelier and suited to your tastes, however you’d do well to ensure that it is allowed.

8. Can I mount a TV the wall?

When it comes to rent and apartments, any action that has to deal with the physical state of the space especially the walls, ceilings and flooring is usually a delicate matter. Find out from your tour guide if mounts are allowed.

9. Can apartments be sublet?

Make enquiries about the policies governing subletting if it is allowed at all and discuss the modalities in terms of number of extra occupants, extra costs and utility bills.

10. Find out what breaks the lease contracts

This is one of the most important aspects of the questions to ask during your apartment tour. Find out all the details, plain and hidden that commonly renders a lease agreement void and the consequences of breaking any if the contract terms.

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