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10 common mistakes to avoid when moving

10 common mistakes to avoid when moving

10 common mistakes to avoid when moving

The stress and excitement of moving into a new apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL can be overwhelming. To make your move a stress and drama-free experience, we’ve gathered the top 10 things to avoid when moving into a new place.

1. Not researching your mover

There are so many moving companies available for hire when the time comes for you to get a new apartment in Huntsville, AL. Often, people will fail to research their movers. This can be quite dangerous as the safety and security of your property lies in their hands or rather, within their trucks. Make sure you thoroughly inspect papers, accreditation, licence and records with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

2. Spending excess on packing

It is not uncommon to see people go over budget when trying to secure posh packaging materials. In order to reduce cost, you can make do with the boxes and newspapers which are very easy to come by at little or no cost to your pockets.

3. Putting the heavy items in the large boxes

To ensure balance and ease, to avoid body pains and need for analgesics, pack your heaviest items in the smallest possible boxes that fit their size. This makes is easier to transport without having it take much of a toll on your legs, back and shoulders.

4. Forgetting to label boxes

Ensure that your boxes are accurately labelled with important details. Include handling instructions for the contained item in each box and the likely destination in your new home. The label also allows the movers to know how to handle delicate materials and how these valuables are to be stacked on top of each other in the truck.

5. Not taking measurements

Another common issue that arises is neglecting to take measurements of the space you are moving into. Make sure you know the dimensions of the clearance space of your new apartment in Huntsville, AL, as this is the only way to guarantee that your furniture and valuables can enter though the front door when unloading and arranging.

6. Not sorting the delicate from the rugged

Ensure that you have sorted breakable and easily damaged items from the tough materials that are rugged enough to stay intact when moving. If you pack these set of materials together, the stronger items will almost certainly destroy or defect the delicate items in the same boxes or packaging.

7. Packing explosive, corrosive and flammable materials

When you pack any form of explosive material, you put yourself, the movers and general public in grave danger, not to mention the fact that you are violating the law.

8. Being careless with the bill of lading

A bill of lading simply shows the contract between you and your movers. It is highly advised to have this document close by should in case any problems or misunderstanding arise along the way.

9. Not weighing in tax

Ensure that you consult with the internal revenue services (IRS) to ascertain which items being moved that are taxable and those that aren’t, make such payment and keep all the relevant receipts.

10. Not changing your address

Sometimes, people will forget to change their address after moving. This can result to them not getting mails and deliveries.


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