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How to Save Money as A Renter

How to Save Money as A Renter

How to Save Money as A Renter

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when renting apartments in Huntsville AL. Most times, you don’t even have the space to get everything you want even when there is the money available. It requires some practicality and a lot of creativity to ensure that you stick to a low budget while maintaining your rent.

1. Buy things that multitask

Like we said previously, most apartments for rent in Huntsville AL are typically small so make the best decisions when buying appliances to save yourself more space. You can buy a coffee table that can provide you storage space like an ottoman. Buy a couch that contains a roll-away bed for visitors instead of looking for where to keep an extra bed for guests. Why have a blender, juicer and smoothie maker when you can buy one that can do everything? Point is it saves you money when you find the most efficient appliance that you can find.

2. Buy in bulk

You always save money when you buy in bulk. Instead of picking a small bottle of liquid dishwasher every time you run out, why not buy the big can and forget about it for a month? Same with kitchen rolls, everything is cheaper when you are buying in volume. It also reduces the number trips to the grocery store which saves you gas in your car. You can also subscribe to wholesale stores like COSTCO which will help you save money over the course of the year through discounts and rebates.

3. Save energy

LED bulbs are the way to go to reduce your utility bills in your apartment. Also check the ratings of appliances and make sure that they have an energy saving mode so that they are not always powered when you plug them in. Programmable thermostats also help you regulate temperature efficiently so that you save on energy bill. There are also water saving shower heads and tap faucets that will keep your water bills low. Most of these features are also removable so you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind when you are moving to another apartment.

4. Cook indoors more

Eating out and ordering takeout are going to burn a hole in your pocket. There is a reason why you have a kitchen and using it more frequently would help you save money over time. Cooking does not require any special skills and even if you are completely clueless about how to cook, there are many cook books for beginners that will guide you on your culinary journey. If you invest less than $50 in a cook book that you would have used to order pizza twice, the rate at which you save money on food would go up drastically. Make it even more exciting by inviting friends over and offering to cook for them or even have them bring the ingredients you would need to whip something up.

5. Have renter’s insurance

This is a no-brainer because it is cheap and there are so many options to choose from especially if you live in a flood-prone area.

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