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4 Places That You Often Forget When Doing a Thorough Cleaning Of Your Apartment

4 Places That You Often Forget When Doing a Thorough Cleaning Of Your Apartment

4 Places That You Often Forget When Doing a Thorough Cleaning Of Your Apartment

Brooms, check. Soap, check. Music, check. Now that you have put all you need in place for this epic cleaning exercise, you’re surely going to take out all the dirt, germs and garbage no matter where they’re hiding in your apartment…or not? While it may seem like you’ve figured it all out, we’ve put together 4 places that are most often overlooked during cleaning exercises and if you haven’t cleaned these places, don’t be in a hurry to conclude that your apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT is super clean this winter.

1. Pillows

There’s enough pillowcase changing that goes on all through the year so we know your bed sheets are probably also very clean, but the pillows that go into these cases on the other hand may not be so neat. Very few people actually take time to wash their pillows, in fact, in one survey we took, we found that only 3 in 10 people testified to washing their pillows at least once a year.

While pillows don’t directly get dirty (unless you sleep without a pillowcase), the dust and dander gathered though the last 365 days gather deep inside the pillow. A good standard is to ensure that your pillows are washed at least twice a year. Other pillows like throw pillows which do not have removable covers are most susceptible to pillow dirt. There can be kept fresh and vibrant by employing a dry-cleaning product such as Dryel, which may be used right from home.

2. Closet

This one is usually hiding in plain sight. There’s no counting the amount of times you go to your closet. It’s your go-to spot when you need to get those fresh pair of shots or hang your shirts back in line after a nice dry cleaning. However, the nooks and crannies of your closets are often the most overlooked places that barely get any cleaning at all. The corners are usually filled with dust and the wall and shelves are usually the same and as time goes on this accumulation would eventually start to stain and dirty your clothes. Do a thorough wipe of cobwebs in the corners and dust around the edges. Move a lot of things off the closet floor and do a vacuum clean, wipe all the handles and sides of the briefcases and take some documents files out for dusting.

3. Electronics

Electronic devices that are used every day are rarely cleaned. There’s hardly a better time than winter to clean some of the devices you can’t leave without in your apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT. Keyboards, mice, monitors and more can all be cleaned with electronic wipes, remotes should be cleaned, batteries taken out. If you have an air blower, direct it at the heat sinks and tiny vents of laptops and other gadgets to blow out dust.

4. Appliances

Appliances, especially kitchen based ones usually harbor a lot of food particles, grease and dirt. When was the last time you took out your freezer and vacuumed the coils and washed the edges of the inside compartments? Ovens are also notorious for harboring pastry and crumbs, remove the drawers and clean the insides. Be sure to mop the underneath of these appliances to get rid of fluids, grease and dirt.

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