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4 easy ways to a perfectly clean apartment

4 easy ways to a perfectly clean apartment

4 easy ways to a perfectly clean apartment

The quest for a cleaner home is a never-ending chase of perfection. Whether you have just found an apartment for rent in Huntsville, AL, you have some guests coming over or simply need to make your old place sparkling clean, here are a few tips that will not only save you time, but leave you with a more organized, tidier and cleaner space. For easy assessment, these tips have been grouped with respect to the parts in your home.

First thing, you’ll need is an efficient supply for cleaning your home. The fact that you’ll be cleaning different parts in your home doesn’t mean each room requires different products. Some places and equipment can even be cleaned with some of the supplies already present at home. Basically, you’ll require a multi-purpose, all-surface cleaning spray, paper towels, sponge, garbage bag, duster, vacuum, glass cleaner and a Swiffer.

1. Living Room

Simply put, your living room is the most public space in your personal apartment in Huntsville, AL. It is the first and in most cases only area where your guests will relate with. Once you are ready to begin, first ensure that all items that don’t belong in this space, are collected into a container. This will shorten the time spent in running around to rearrange each individual item. Next, work on the couch and brush off all food crumbs, dust, hair and pet furs.

Check for items behind your cushion, fluff your pillows, dust your coffee table and skilfully re-arrange the items back on the table. Line up books, toss old magazines and keep new ones. Finally, use a vacuum to clean the space. If you still have enough time, move the furniture and vacuum beneath also.

2. Bedroom

Gather all unclean wears and place them in a hamper. If you have enough time, sort these wars based on colours and wash type. Once that is done, rehang or refold items that don’t need to be washed presently, gather all unwanted materials into a trash, sort through your closet, re-arrange the shoes and jewellery space.

Next, ensure that your bed is well laid. Straighten all surfaces, adjust your nightstand and clean your reading desk or shelf. Run a vacuum through the room and adjust the curtains to allow light in.

3. Bathroom

Round up all the used towels and place your dirty clothes in a hamper. Place all the trash in a trashcan, wipe down your counters, bathtub and sink with the aid of disinfectant cleaning spray. For the toilets, scrub inside the toilet with a toilet brush after applying a leaner. Use the glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror, sweep the floor and return items to where they should be. Ensure that there is soap and disinfectant available.

4. Kitchen

To get started in the kitchen, place all your items that belong to other rooms in a container for sorting afterwards. Clear your countertops and cupboards for any types of dirt. If you have a dishwasher, toss in the dirty dishes and get to the floor. If you don’t have a dishwasher, wash by hand, filling the sink with warm, soapy water to ease removal of dirt by soaking the plates for a few minutes.

Once the dishes are done, wipe down the sink, countertops, cupboards and kitchen appliances. Sweep the floor and mop lightly. Finally, take out the trash and bring in fresh garbage nylons.

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