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5 Tips for Splitting Chores with Your Roommates

5 Tips for Splitting Chores with Your Roommates

5 Tips for Splitting Chores with Your Roommates

Sharing an apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT can have its high and lows. From paying bills, respect of personal space to splitting chores, the experience may be challenging if not properly managed. When it comes to completing tasks and splitting chores, it is not unusual for some tension to arise due to schedules, preference for tasks and perceived job difficulties.

A simple way to avoid unnecessary confrontations and unduly aggressive behaviors is to discuss with your housemate or roommate before making the move to your apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT.

Here are 5 effective ways to split chores and avoid any drama that may likely surface if the situation is not properly defined.

1. Set your cleanliness standard

Owing to a number of factors including ideologies, upbringing and perspectives, people tend to have contrasting opinions on a number of topics. Just because you feel that toast should be made till they are golden brown doesn’t mean that your roommate doesn’t think light brown toasts are best. Define what cleaning really is and the things that constitute a task being labelled as completed as this will go a long way in ensuring that the chores are done properly.

For instance, if someone is one dish duties, be sure to make your roommate understand that it goes beyond simply stacking the dishes neatly in the sink and includes loading them in the dishwasher and rearranging the cutleries when done.

2. Evaluate and enumerate the house chores

Every apartment has a unique chore that may require special attention, but more often than not, most household chores will typically consist of kitchen cleaning, floor sweeping or vacuuming, dusting of furniture and appliances, garbage and trash disposal, bathroom and toilet scrubs, running and emptying the dishwasher, cobweb removals, cleaning the fridge and a few other tasks.

Once a proper list of the relevant chores has been made, the next step is to assign a schedule to them. What tasks need to be done monthly, weekly or daily? How are the tasks handled and who handles what? This step will help you grasp what amount of work is to be done and how to fit it into your schedules.

3. Rotate chores

One of the best ways to handle chores is to ensure variations and rotations. Not only will this make the tasks at hand less monotonic, it also means that one roommate is not stuck with a particular task for the span of the lease in the apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT. Once you have discussed the frequency and timing of these chores, have a rooster that pegs some set of chores to a particular person on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in an alternating sequence. Having a rooster also helps you figure out how to hold each other responsible and hanging a chore schedule is a visible reminder that subtly enforces the chore assignments. There is also an app called Chroma that allows households assign chores to each member.

4. Take turns to buy supplies

Talk to your roommate on the cost of cleaning and how to purchase supplies such as trash bags, detergents, surface cleaners and the likes to have an agreed amount that is convenient for both parties assigned to the chores at the apartment. Rotate the purchases too to ensure that one person does not do all the spending.

5. Communicate

Nothing works like a calm and mature conversation. If you notice your roommate is not meeting up with their schedules or is turning a nonchalant attitude towards their chores, be sure to discuss with them and iron out the issue before it escalates into something less friendly.

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