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5 things to do when your roommate moves out

5 things to do when your roommate moves out

5 things to do when your roommate moves out

Even the best of friends and the most compatible roommates don’t stay roommates forever. The need for a move may arise for so many reasons with education, career, finances, family and even quarrels being some of the popular. Often, people will become overwhelmed with the thought of packing, reminiscent memories and sometimes a feeling of loneliness especially if your roommate happens to be more of a friend than just a roommate. This also causes most people to get distracted and lose focus on what is important as their roommates move away. Regardless of the circumstances that have warranted your roommate to move out, here are 5 things to do as soon as soon as the process kicks in.

1. Settle outstanding exposures

A great way to start is the finances. If you’ve lived with someone for a number of months or years, then the chances that you will have halved a number of expenditures are high. Ensure that you settle all outstanding debts that has been accrued by both parties and be sure to include furniture purchases, security deposits and other relevant expenses. A financial app such as Splitwise is an excellent platform that makes it easy to balance expenses between roommates even if one half decides to move out earlier than expected.

2. Decide what’s yours and what’s theirs

A moveout is one of the many reasons why it is usually very important to have clearly established ownerships of jointly purchased apartment appliances, furniture or electronics. If you however didn’t have that talk in the first place, now is a great time to talk your outgoing roommate and enumerate your joint properties, decide who gets to keep what and respect each other’s compromise.

3. Talk to your Landlord or apartment manager

It is only right that you tell your apartment manager at the very least about your roommate’s relocation. If you both have your names on the lease for your apartment for rent in Bloomfield CT, you may ned to fill a form to take out your roommate’s name from the lease form. However, there may be instances where your Landlord or apartment manager may feel reluctant to allow you to continue with the lease all on your own especially if the lease was initially being funded by both parties. Most managers will require a demonstrated financial capacity to ensure that you can afford the premise on your own or suggest that you get another roommate as soon as possible to help balance the costs.

4. Weigh in your wants and needs

Depending on your preference, you have an opportunity to try out a number of things. If you feel the need to coexist with someone, now is the time to search for your next roommate. You can ask a couple of friends for people who they feel may match your personality and would be great fits. If you’re willing to try out something else, evaluate the space you have and decide what to do with it? Can you bring your work down to your house? Would it be more cost-efficient, can you use the second bedroom as a studio or guest bedroom or would you just rather move out too and get a one-bedroom apartment for yourself alone.

5. No bad blood – Help your roommate pack

Packing and arranging stuff is such a daunting task. Now is the time to join your roommate in fishing for all their stuff and stuffing them in those brown cardboard boxes with markers and labels. Your roommates will appreciate the effort, and if you are parting ways as friends (as it should be), you may even make an effort of helping them move to their new space and decongest with your company.

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