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4 Tips to Helping Children Move to a New Apartment

You may find moving to a new apartment very stressful. You must deal with deciding what to keep, packing and hiring a team or recruiting friends to help you move. Your children also feel stress when they must move. Use these tips to help your child deal with their moving stress.

Talk to Your KidsTalk to Your Kids

Children do much better emotionally when you tell them what is going on. Talk to them often. Make sure to mention exciting things that they can do in their new home. For example, if you are moving to apartments in Huntsville, AL., then talk to them about visiting the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Hays Nature Park, and Alabama Constitution Village. You should also discuss with them what they can do in their new apartment. For example, if you are moving to The Moderne at Providence, talk to them about our special swimming pool, our cookout area, and our walking paths. If you choose to use public or private schools, then talk to them about their new school. Take time to listen to them about their concerns and give truthful answers.

Plan a Goodbye PartyPlan a Goodbye Party

Your child needs time to say goodbye to their friends. Plan a special party and invite their best friends to attend. Suggest that everyone bring along special photographs of themselves and your child. Take others at the party. Then, put them all together in a memory book that the child can hold.

Help the Child PackHelp the Child Pack

Spread three sheets on the floor. Help your child put everything in their rooms on one of the three sheets. One sheet will be for those things that they want to keep. One sheet will be for trash, and the last sheet will be for things that they want to give away. Once you and your child have put everything on these sheets, take them with you to donate the give pile to a charity. Then, help them box up the things that they want to keep.

Choose Their DécorChoose Their Décor

While money can be tight after a move, allow your child to choose a theme for their room. Then, help them create some artwork to hang on their walls to go with that theme. You may also want to help them pick out one or two new items for their room that goes with the theme as it can help your child be more excited about their new home.

The Moderne at Providence is a wonderful place to live. Please consider us when you are looking for an apartment in Huntsville AL. While moving can be stressful for you and your child, you will love our well-maintained buildings and our spacious floorplans. If you own a dog, then they will love our dog park. Give us a call today at 256-690-5669 so that we can help you get approved.

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